Making Films. Incorporating Mathematics.

Bawal (Forbidden)

"Forbidden" but Exceptional Meeting

                                                                     August 19 2014, Our Group , Group 1 of 8-C planned on how we will start the shooting of our movie entitled Bawal(Forbidden). This movie comprises the most common wrong actions of students. The audience will learn that also in Mathematics, there are also most common wrong solving of students on a mathematical problem. 

             At that time, all of us  are focused to see our  lines and think on how we will interpret it. Though we just shooted one scene which is Bullying, and not all members will be acting on that scene, the rest did memorize their lines so that they can be prepared for their time to be shooted.

 Preparation and Shooting the Scenes ...

                All Art directors participated but unfortunately, we didn't capture them . Only few of them like Khristine Nazareno, Lady Soriano , Rhea Mae Cerezo, and Bea Valerie Villanueva were captured fixing the appeal of the actors/ actresses. 
               We thought that the shooting will not continue because it's always delayed.  But unity occured when all of us realized that we have to work as a team. This taping doesn't show only skills, also shows unity of the members.

September 27 after MTAP Class,we approached Sir Reyes , the manager of CinemMATHlaya to give us advices and tips on how our movie will be victorious . He taught the video editor, Khristine Carla Nazareno on what video transitions she will put on the movie to make it triumphant. Sir Reyes also taught us on how the movie will be really related into Math.

After Sir Reyes taught us, we shoot already the half part of the final Scene. This picture is our preparation to be shooted.Trina Romae Pandio gave us a big help to finish this half part scene.

Final Casting and Shooting

September 29, 2014 . Our final day to shoot the last scene. We take advantage of the time where our teachers will not take a class. We had gone to the DOST Building to finish the last scene. All movie members are gonna take part on this. Watching the film will recognize this scene. So better watch it! :) 

Joirene Morillo is memorizing her lines and STEPS for this part. She is being taught by Khristine Carla Nazareno.

Art Directors, Lady Diana Soriano and Bea Valerie Villanueva fixing the appeals of Khristine Carla Nazareno and Joirene Caryle Morillo to look neat and clean.

 "Dear Diary,
       Today nakita kong namBULLY si ANTHEA REFORMADO, nag-SKIP sina ALLEAH MAPULA at JOIRENE MORILLO. Ako naman ay nangopya kahit na ...
                                                                                                                                                                            -- Khristine Nazareno >_<