Making Films. Incorporating Mathematics.


INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                       08/20/14

Film-making and video editing at their best. 

 Sir Julius Cesar Reyes (our Math teacher and the prime mover of this year’s Cinemathlaya) has given us a challenge that can only be accomplished with teamwork, determination and passion – to make a short film that integrates Mathematics and other academic subjects that encourages students to value Math and understand how Math plays a big role in real life situations. Our group was assigned with the scenario – Reality/Drama, Work Problems learned from Rational Algebraic Expressions. 

 We came up with a high school friendship storyline so that the student audience can appreciate the film better and relate to it more effectively. This is a story about a math geek that discovers an interest about work problems and later on finds another math geek who also shares the same interest in the said topic. They will unravel the techniques behind the problem and work out the friendship they both longed for. Together, they will solve how their friendship matches a work problem

Bayanihan, our short film, is no more than a plan as of today. All we need are laid out -- script, actors, actresses, shooting places and different committees. We have made some films before, but we can say that this is really different and out of the ordinary. Stay tuned to our blog for more matheriffic updates. -- Math Ravelos*

   *Math Ravelos is the pen name of the group as a whole. No particular student in the group claims or owns the pen name.

WORK WORK WORK                                                              08/23/14

        We started shooting scenes on August 21, 2014. We had perfect attendance in every shooting. We also have some people who played minimal roles in our short film. 
First Day of Filming: August 21, 2014

We filmed in the apartment of one of our members. We brought our own makeup so that our actors will be more appealing to the audience. First part of the film -- done and done.
2nd Day of FIlming: August 22, 2014

This time, we filmed at our school, PNHS. Most of the scenes we filmed are featuring the fierce antagonists of the story. 

Third Day of Filming: August 23, 2014

The scenes here are filmed after our MTAP Saturday Classes. Most of the characters in the story are featured here: protagonists, antagonists and others.

Fourth Day of Filming: August 27, 2014

This time, we filmed a scene during... Buwan ng Wika! Because we need more people in this scene, we asked help from our friends from other sections. Thank's for the help!

Fifth Day of Filming: August 28, 2014

This scene is filmed with a special guest, our own math teacher, Mr. Julius Reyes! 

Sixth Day of Filming: August 30, 2014.

A very cloudy day on Saturday! After our MTAP classes, we went to NARCISO Ramos Sports Complex to film a scene that involves our Antagonists.

                                                                                                         Seventh Day of Filming: September 11, 2014

It's Thursday! Now, the scenes filmed here are mostly filled with emotions I think.


Eight Day of Filming: September 12, 2014

This time, we spent most of our time all taking pictures of our characters---but, we filmed some scenes also. We were in the Capitol Grounds, and also the beach.

Ninth Day of Filming: September 16, 2014

It was a bright and sunny day! While we filmed, we ate snacks. We did all this at PNHS.

Tenth Day of Filming: September 17, 2014

Well, I guess It's time for an interview, don't you think?

Eleventh Day of Filming: September 18, 2014

It's a normal day, and we filmed at the library in our school. The scenes here will show some new but supporting characters.

Twelfth Day of Filming: September 22, 2014

Well, it was a sunny day and we took the opportunity to film many scenes! Because it's card day, we have more time to film and edit our scenes. The scenes we took are from different places, so we had a quite adventure!


Thirteenth Day of Filming: September 25, 2014

In our own classroom, we filmed a scene that is about our main character's flashback. 

Fourteenth Day of Filming: September 26, 2014

Fun Fun Fun Friday! Because we have more time to film in the afternoon, we made filmed many scenes that day. We also asked Ma'am Nila to use her classroom for our filming. Also, we invited Ma'am De la Cruz and several grade 7 students to participate in our film, so thank you for giving us your time and support in making these scenes!

Last day of Filming: September 27, 2014

At last, we filmed the last parts of our film. It's Saturday, so we filmed after our MTAP classes.
So, that's the whole process of making our film entitled "BAYANIHAN". All of the members in our group participated and helped in the film-making, so doing the whole thing wasn't such a big mess. Not only we had a great time making and filming, all of us had fun.
-Marvelous Math Ravelos 

Check out our Trailer (english subtitled) at