Making Films. Incorporating Mathematics.

The Climb 

The Plot

Once at Mathematics class. As the teacher is discussing about measurements, two of his students are busy chatting about an online game named LOL (League of Legends). Before the class is to be ended, the teacher gives them an activity to serve as their assignments. And told them some hints on how they will measure the height of a flag pole with the use of shadows.
During the activity, the two students accidentally fell down because of climbing the flag pole. If only they listened to their teacher, they will not suffer from such pain. Because of what happened, some of their classmates show them the simple way to measure the height of the flag pole by the use of shadows.

First OFFICIAL Meeting

The Grade 8-C (Gregor Mendel) students, Group 2 is having a meeting 
for the preparation of the upcoming film making and viewing this coming 
Mathematics Festival to be heard this November 
at the School Campus of PNHS
The Directors and Scriptwriters finalize the roles of the actors and actresses 
and the materials needed for the scenes as well as the venue. And they open up for 
some suggestions for the venue where the scenes could be taken.

They also told the actors and actresses to focus their mind to the 
topic of the coming up movie entitled “The Climb” which is an 
educational-comedy film.

Casting: Day 1

August 19, 2014;
The Group 2 started casting the scenes of the
upcoming movie film of CineMATHlaya “The Climb”.
Actors and actresses start memorizing the lines assigned to them in the movie film.

Danna Jane Sison, and Naomi Vocal, Art Directors together with Airiele Marjo Reyes, Producer and

Trina Romae Pandio, the Cinematographer put on some fake wounds 

on the actors, which come out perfectly.

Casting: Day 2

On the second day of casting, our Class Adviser has participated in making the movie, as playing the role of Math Teacher.

A new character was introduced in the first scene, our very own scriptwriter Frederick Garcia.

The funniest part of the movie has been taken on the same day.

The Climb Poster!!!

The Climb Poster of 8-C Gregor Mendel, got the idea of the poster in the real movie of The Climb. Airiele Marjo Reyes, the producer, edited the poster.

The Climb Trailer!!!

The Climb Trailer (English Subtitle) has been uploaded in youtube by Airiele Marjo Reyes. It is uploaded in youtube so everyone can see it. For the Link just visit ""

The Climb; The First Achievement

The movie "The Climb" achieve its first award, the "People's Choice Award". The First Film showing is done last October before the annual celebration of "School Based Mathematics Festival 2014". The Actors, Actresses, and the Makers of The Climb, are so happy because after all those efforts, and hard works, they have achieve something special, the award and they smiles of the people after they've watched the "The Climb".