Making Films. Incorporating Mathematics.

The Hunchback

Group II on the roll! Led by our directors, Danna and Pia, gathered all of their groupmates for a short talk about the flow of our story entitled THE HUNCHBACK, which is a compilation of drama, comedy, romance with a twist of educational values.

 In our short movie, it shows the love story of a boy and a girl who are living miles and miles apart then decided to see each other in person for the first time. Because they were madly inlove with each other, they were gifted by a boy named Prince who happened to have a hunchback growing every year. 

The rest of the story will be further explained while you join us on our journey to achieving good morals and having greater knowledge on MATH through this short movie.

Our group was assigned to make a fairytale-type of short story. It is explained above how the flow of our story is. 

Math Geometrical Motion Pictures or 'MGMP' is the OFFICIAL name of our Motion Picture. 

As you can see, we did not use the word "SHOOTING", instead we used "FILM-MAKING". This is because our school was the site of the SEPTEMBER 1 SHOOTING INCIDENT/TRAGEDY, wherein 2 teachers died and 2 other people died, too. 

We used the word "FILM-MAKING" because we do not want to offend the people who have seen the incident and who were even victimized and traumatized.

Rest in Peace Sir Asid Sison and Ma'am Linda Sison. We will always remember you both! <3


First Day of Film-making and Props Making (August 23, 2014)

We first chose an environment that was close to us. An environment where we feel safe - our school, Pangasinan National High School. We chose our 2nd environment because it is the closest  place from our school and it is the closest to what environment we need- quiet and wide. 

We shot the parts of the first scenes of our short movie. Some also did the props for the next shootings. 

Second Day of Film-making and Props Making (August 25, 2014)

We shot the last part of the first scene and completed making the props for next scenes. We shot how the love story of the parents of one of the main characters started. 

The setting of the shooting was at one of our group mate's houses. 

3rd Day of Film-making (August 27,2014)

We chose our school's Math Learning Center for the 3rd day of our shooting because the room inside resembles the inside of a clinic. 

4th Day of Film-making

We filmed Sir Julius Cesar Reyes' part of our short story.. Sadly, we did not include Sir Reyes' part because there was no time left for the rest of the scenes for our movie

5th Day of Film-making

We shot at the front part of the Capitol Compound. We shot some scenes of one of the main characters. 

6th Day of Film-making (September 6,2014)

We practiced for the filming of "THE BALL" of our story at the Sison Auditorium.

7th Day of Film-making (September 11, 2014)

We filmed a part of our short movie at our school's Math Learning Center (MLC) because it was the appropriate setting.

8th Day of Film-making (September 12, 2014)

We took advantage of the suspension of classes at the afternoon and filmed "THE BALL" of our story.

It was filmed at the Training Center, Capitol Compound because the Sison Auditorium was occupied, unfortunately. 

9th Day of Film-making (September 13, 2014)

We filmed the scenes where we needed the green screen. We used it so that we could change the background into a different and uncommon one. Unfortunately, our team didn't have enough powers to make the green screen work.

10th day of film-making (September 22, 2014)

Last scenes were recorded in the teacher's park. 

We took advantage of our free time in Computer Science II to film the end of the story.

Last Day of film-making [11th Day] (Sepetember 26, 2014)


Scenes for the Music Video were taken inside the campus.

Dressed in red, group 2 danced their movie's theme song, "Natataranta Na".

*"Natataranta Na" is originally sung by James Reid. We altered the lyrics to make it related to our story.*

Film Showing is on October 8 and 9. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! 

Aaand, CUT! PACK-UP!

A huge 'thank you' to all group 2 members, our Mathematics Teacher, Mr. Julius Cesar Reyes, and to those people who made this movie possible.

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