Making Films. Incorporating Mathematics.

The Unknown X

The Unknown X trailer

The theme of the movie is horror with a mathematical content on solving a linear equation using variable X.This short film story symbolizes that NO one could help you with your studies but YOU and yourself alone,not even a ghost who possesses you.No one is substitute to be good in Math.

Showing extended outside the school this January 2015.


             The plot of the story is about a student named Xandra, who loves math died because of a tragic accident 10 years ago while she is studying her Math notebook. In the present, a student who is having a struggle in studying math named Xena, accidentally found a notebook that really helped her to learn her lessons in Math. And it all started there. She didnt knew that the notebook she found is a property of Xandra.. And Xandra will never stop until someone can help her to solve the equation.

              It was a really big test for us to deliver this type of story because its our first time to make a big project like this and we really need to make the story thrilling but at the same time, delivering mathematics idea using a different twist. 

August 18,2014

           We already started to make our schedules of our shooting days and the expenses that we need to pay for the props for the film. We also started to rehearse some parts of the movie so that the lead roles can make their act more realistic. 

           We decided to take some scenes during afternoon after our Saturday class and for some vacant during our vacant time. All of the members participated and did their job well.

August 21,2014

                  This was actually a holiday but we took the opportunity to take some of the scenes for the short movie with the help of Sir Julius Reyes. 

               Some members of the group didn't attend the shooting but we still manage to take some parts of the short movie. 

                       September 10,2014

    We are trying to take a scene in the girls comfort room. This scene should be taken in the school's girls CR but because the Comfort room was locked that time, so we need to find another setting and luckily, we found a good one. 


    We used the Lingayen Capitol's girls Restroom as the setting of the scene.