Making Films. Incorporating Mathematics.


Two Commercials Unified Into A Short Film

         The groups 2 & 5 merged into one to make a short film entitled Virus. The film is under the direction of Trisha Bagtasos,  Karylle R. Rico and Cklyde Joshua Roca. The purpose of the film is to promote moral values, for the people to do good things and to encourage everybody to accept, understand and love Mathematics in their daily lives.
          Everybody is in favor of the chosen people by the respective directors to play the specific roles for the upcoming film. The characters were chosen by the directors based on how a member will fit into the role. Each member of the group knew their responsibilities, for the movie to progress efficiently. The whole team is delighted to initiate the shooting of the project. The team aims to impress, compete and improve the talents of each individual.


        The originator of PNHS' Cinemathlaya, Sir Julius Cesar Reyes, held a conversation between him and us. He expanded our ideas, acknowledged some of our suggestions and motivated us that we can do our short film capably. The conversation came out into a well-oriented meeting, which enlightened our minds brighter. He also told us that he will be playing a significant role for the short film.

          As of now, the initial plans for every aspect needed in a film (settings, actors, scenes, etc.) are done. We, directors, are hoping that each and every member could do the given tasks for the progress and efficiency of our short film.

          Hard work, felicity and unity are the primitive requisites of achieving success. Despite of who we are, we are still doing our best for the prosperity and triumph of our group.

                  DreamMath Productions was the discussed production name of our group as manifestation of unity.

August 30, 2014

We took the film in the resort of one of our group mates. The place matched the scene we needed to in order to be finish this part.

Special Thanks to:
              Lingayen Village Inn

September 12, 2014

Most of our scenes were taken inside the school campus. It was hard for us to maximize our time, yet we still made our best in order to make the film adequate. We scheduled our film-making during our vacant periods so that interruption of classes with the other subjects will not befall. This day became a meaningful say, for we had our tight solidarity as a team.

We have filmed the part where the main characters are associated. We needed an unoccupied place to film, to be focused on who is playing the role. The art directors performed great, experiences of having makeup in their childhood helped them significantly in being responsible with their job.

September 16, 2014

This day ended shortly. We had the plans and preparations for the systematic flow of our film-making. We had shortage of time during this day. Tests are simultaneously held, yet we still continued the making of our short film.

September 25, 2014

We needed the help of our fellow students. As expected, they helped us willingly. The recording of a certain part was repeated a number of times, yet we still got what we needed.

It was a great day! A day of working and bonding as well.

                                                                                 September 27, 2014

Finally! We had our last taping today. Fortunately, the actors and actresses were jubilant at the time they performed the last part. We can say that our group is the best, for we only had 2-3 repetitions for the last scene.


Look! Our multi-tasking cinematographer-- Jan Rico Garcia, presented his t-shirt for our lead actress. Still, he continued to capture scenarios.
"A work will not be done without anything being sacrificed."
-- J.

                           It’s the last day of taping; of course we have to be happy. The group took the last part lively. As you can see, we started to do nonsense things in order to supersede the lassitude we got from making the film with jubilance.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        September 28, 2014

               We are almost done with our short-film. All we need to append is to edit the videos, produce the trailer, create flyers, and of course to rest. This project was so prosy to create. At the end of this project, we will surely have the benefits that will fulfill what we have done. In the coming days, you can see our trailer. DreamMath Productions would be so happy to know that you are already satisfied in the first place.
              You can see our poster after a few days! Be updated! ;)